Celebrate Mothers This May!

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4 Ways to Celebrate Moms with AIF


Their AIF Twin with Our Mother's Day Game!


Them with a Tribute Donation.


A Story of an AIF Barrier-Breaking Mother.


Friends and Family to Play the Game!

Who’s Your Mom’s AIF Twin?

Find their Match among Our Inspiring Mother Figures!

This Mother's Day, celebrate the amazing mother figures in your life! Play our Mother's Day Game and discover which AIF barrier-breaking mother reflects the unique qualities of your own mother or mother figure.

Meet Our Barrier-Breaking Mother Figures!

The “Trailblazer” Rajni Devi

Shattered gender barriers in Haryana’s automobile industry by becoming a skilled green electrician and paving the way for other women.

The “Mompreneur” Ritu Saini

Transformed financial instability into a thriving boutique that not only supports her children but also employs other mothers.

The “Community Builder” Sushilaben

Rose from a migrant worker to a valued member of her village’s school committee, expanding educational opportunities for her community’s children.

The “Nurturer” Somela Bangaramma

Revolutionized maternal and newborn health in her village, empowering mothers with life-saving health knowledge and services.

Celebrate Mothers This May!

Recognize | Honor | Empower

What My Mom Means to Me

My mom is my biggest supporter…When I make mistakes, she is the first to forgive me and will stop at nothing to help me resolve the issue. She is the epitome of a 'mama bear,' as she likes to say, and is always there whenever I need it.


To me, my mother is my best friend. She never judges me, and she is always there to help me in any situation I am in. I admire how hardworking she is and how even though she has been through so much, she will always be there for me as my mother.


My mother is my world…She is everything to me, every action, every day, every year, for the rest of my life. What I admire most about her is her persistence every day. She is very hardworking, and when times are rough she gets through it.


She is the one who always takes care of me, cooks for me, takes me places, and cheers me up when I’m sad. The thing I admire most about my mother is that she is extremely hard-working. No matter how difficult something is, she will always see it through.


To me, my mother is my entire world…she has supported me in every way and helped me grow immensely into the person I am today…in the toughest of times, she has remained strong and has always stayed true to her values...I am so happy to call her my mother.


As one might approach a church, temple, or gurdwara with unconditional and steadfast devotion, my mother loves her children and grandchildren. There are so many qualities that I admire about her—particularly her inner light, which attracts so many friends to love her.I also appreciate that both my mother and father have set an example for my own approach to philanthropy: how you pay your privilege forward matters, and you can leave a place better off than how you found it.


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