American India Foundation (AIF) Hosts its 14th Annual New England Gala virtually with Special Honoree Susan Whitehead

Virtual celebration with music, comedy and an enthusiastic audience to acknowledge a special member of our community

Boston, MA, October 26, 2020 — Opening with a poignant story of AIF’s commitment to helping a displaced migrant laborer reach home, the New England Gala brought together several attendees to celebrate the organization and its mission. Moreover, the gala was a special occasion to acknowledge Susan Whitehead and her extensive contributions to the fields of art, culture, science, education and philanthropy.

Shillong Chamber Choir                                                             Susan Whitehead

On Sunday morning, the hosts Tasneem Chipty and Aleks Franz reminded us about the importance of empathy and collectiveness as India faces several challenges presented by the global pandemic. Remarking that “charity towards complete strangers is a way for us to affirm our common humanity,” the gracious couple provided a beautiful segue way into a musical performance by the Shillong Chamber Choir.

Delighting us with the timeless Bollywood tune, Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge that they had previously performed for President Obama, the Choir filled AIF members’ homes with melodies. They also later dedicated another song, Wind Beneath My Wings, especially to Susan Whitehead for her exceptional support to diverse causes. Yet, the celebration had more to offer with astounding musicals, with the Berklee Indian Ensemble performing a special composition to recognize the honoree, as she is the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the college.

Colette Phillips, President of CPC Global, said, “although it was virtual it was beautifully produced and the performances were amazing and amazingly choreographed.” Similarly, Vijay Vishwanath, longtime supporter of AIF, commended the team that put the event together, commenting that “it was a fantastic virtual event, easily the best I have been at this year. Every piece was impactful, heartwarming, and inspiring.”

Throughout the morning, the audience was witness to unique appearances by renowned comedian Rajiv Satyal, as well as a special address by the AIF CEO Nishant Pandey, who thanked the donors, New England board as well as the larger AIF community. He emphasized that “hundreds and thousands of women, children and youth rely on AIF’s support every year, so that they can fulfill their dreams and aspirations” and that execution is possible only through the generosity of donors.

Nishant also showcased a little about the Learning and Migration Program, wherein a Mobile Library has been set up to help over 3000 children continue learning while schools remain closed. Through bringing books, puzzles and other activities to children, the students are able to interact with learning processes amidst the lockdown, and they remark that they “wish it came more often.”

The audience was also welcomed by co-hosts Meena and Sundar Subramanyam, who support AIF because of their belief in the importance of education, empathy, compassion and care for our community. They remarked on the ability of AIF volunteers to transform vision to execution on the ground, especially in taking a leadership role in addressing gender discrimination in India. As they called to the audience to donate to the mission of AIF, we were met with Nalini Sharma, who paid a wonderful tribute to the special honoree Susan Whitehead.

From the left, NE Gala Chairs: Meena Subramanyam, Sundar Subramanyam, Aleks Franz and Tasneem Chipty

In addition to being involved with several institutions such as MIT, Whitehead Institute, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and several other boards across the globe, Susan Whitehead possesses a lifelong love for Indian art, music and culture. As she received the 2020 AIF Leadership Award, she expressed her sincere gratitude and attachment to “the beauty and spirit that is embedded throughout Indian culture, from the mundane everyday to the truly elevated.”

Overall, the event was executed seamlessly and provided a joyous morning to the audience.As succinctly expressed by  Dr Brian Pereira, AIF Board Member, “The New England chapter of the American India Foundation pulled off an incredible gala to raise much needed funds for the most marginalized in India. The program was tight and well-knit, the speakers were brief, yet inspiring and the cultural offerings were exceptional. A big shout out to the honoree Susan Whitehead, the gala chairs and the operations team. This was an event to remember”

AIF is thankful for the support of Susan Whitehead and is honored to recognize her for her leadership, contributions and support. The full video of the virtual gala celebration is available at

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