An Innovation: How to Blend Mangoes Without a Blender

With limited appliances in our kitchen, Jenn and I decided to make aam ras (pulped mango) and mango lassi. Without a blender however, we had to improvise. We first peeled and cut almost 3 kgs worth of mangoes (12-15) and then stirred them vigorously with a fork to mash them up a bit. I then used a wooden buttermilk churner to whisk the mangoes as Jenn rhythmically spun the steel bowl. Our innovation: the J&K blender. After several rounds of vigorous spinning and churning (and sweating in 130F humidity), we finally had pulped mango. [The process does not end here though. We then sieved the pulp until we had smooth and silky aam ras in the bowl and only mango fibers leftover in the strainer]. Please watch this video to see how the J&K blender functions. If you’re interested in renting it for future mango parties, please contact us well in advance, J&K both have to get physically prepared for the task.

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