An Ode to Hyderabad

I promise for a deeper, more serious post in the near future. But for now, please enjoy the 10 year old in me by reading my special lil poem about Hyderabad…Hyderagood….Hyderagr8…Hidurbody…H-Bad…the ‘Bad.’ Here’s to hoping this gives you the itch to visit Hyderabad 🙂

—–Get Ready! Set! Read!——

Once a princely state

Named after Queen Hyder Mahal

Given your splendor and grandeur

You should be renamed


Or even Hyderagreat (really corny, I know. Please keep reading…)

The city of pearls

DIAMONDS & PEARLS (sorry, Prince reference. I’m from Minnesota)

Fresh water and salt water

Talk to a gemologist

To know if a pearl is best suited inside your fist

Old City is South

Hussain Sagar Lake in the middle

Go north to Cyberabad, Hi-Tech City

Let me be clear

We aren’t talking itty bitty

7 million + population

Any duration in Hyderabad traffic

Will surely leave you sick

Your sights are afew

Everyone knows the Old City

with Charminar and Laad bazaar

Hear my bangles jangle from afar

Don’t forget about the giant Buddha statue in the middle of the lake

It surely takes the cake

Golconda Fort far away on top of the hill

Wasn’t sure if I had enough rupees to pay the rickshaw bill

Thanks to a lovely human being by the name of Sridar

Enjoyed dinner at the Falaknuma Palace


While still a bit conservative

Silk saris and salwar kameeze

Sure, Hyderabadi women tease 😉

Let’s not forget about the fancy malls

Central, City Center and GVK1

Put on your best mall attire

Or your ego will be let afire

Hollywood, Bollywood

Nope, not in this hood

Step aside



Baffled by the south Indian head waggle

How to interpret

Yes, maybe, no?

A smile you bestow

Please don’t get me started with your cuisine

Idli and dosa on my mind

The nearest dhaba I find

Ohhhh Biryani

I would never forget you

You and your many spices

Certainly not your ordinary rice

Who doesn’t love a good Hyderabadi stache

No need to point, stare or laugh

Hey, men in Hyderabad!

You should really meet my friend, Beh-zad!!!



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