Arya & Diya Anand Hope to Light Many More LAMPS

Arya_and_DiyaArya & Diya Anand, twin sisters from Andover, Massachusetts, are ardent champions of AIF’s Learning and Migration Program (LAMP). They took part in AIF’s first-ever LAMP crowdfunding campaign that was held out of New England in 2014 and raised the most amount out of all the participants (they collectively raised over $7,000). Their campaign in 2014 has been a catalyst in inspiring countless youth to sign up for the new 2015 Light a LAMP campaign.

AIF recently connected with Arya and Diya to learn more about their journey to inspire more youth to engage with LAMP.

How were you successful in raising so much funds for LAMP during the first campaign?

(Arya) – We were extremely successful in the first campaign simply because of our strategies. We mostly depended on family, friends, and word of mouth to spread the word and raise money. Along with that, we constantly emailed people reminding them of what we were doing, how far we had come, and thanked them for their support. Throughout the first campaign, we were just counting and calculating and raising our goal to get the maximum amount of kids educated. To help so many kids felt amazing. LAMP is an incredible program and we are so proud to be a small part of the solution!

What inspires you to support LAMP?

(Diya)- What inspires us to support LAMP is the fact that we found a passion for giving children an opportunity. We found a way to help these children break the vicious cycle of poverty, through education. Children are the future, and by supporting LAMP’s mission to educate children across India, we are changing the world.


Why is education so important in a young person’s life (feel free to talk about how education has transformed your life)?

(Diya) – Education is important in a young person’s life because it is the key to opportunity. It is what gives you choices, and freedom in life. Without an education, it is very hard for children living in poverty to succeed, empower, and change the world. Everyone deserves an education.


You had a chance to speak about LAMP at the AIF gala, as well as an event at Brown University. What inspired you both to take more of an ambassadorial role with AIF to spread the word about LAMP?

(Diya)- Speaking in front of hundreds of people was nerve-wracking! Before the events, we were nervous about how people would respond. However, that was what kept inspiring us to speak about LAMP. Aside from the outstanding cause, the positive response we were getting from people, (friends, family, and the community), was surprising at first, but shortly became very motivating. When we got these responses from everyone, it made us want to keep going further and further.


What are you hoping to accomplish in the new Light a LAMP campaign this year?

(Arya) – This year, for the new campaign, we are hoping to not only educate as many children as possible, but to raise awareness on a global level. We want to ensure that every child has the same opportunities. Also, since this year’s campaign is focused on the Girl Child, we want to promote gender equality through education. We want to take this fundraiser global and it is going to be bigger and better than before. As we approach the Diwali season, we are hoping to be “Lighting Lamps” of hope and education across India.


Why should other people out there take part in the new Light a LAMP campaign?

(Arya) – People should get involved and take part in the new Light a LAMP campaign for a multitude of reasons. LAMP is not only a way to educate children and break the cycle of poverty, but it is an incredible opportunity to create global awareness! The more people that are involved, the more people that can be reached. In addition to fundraising, the campaign is about educating people about the cause, which is just as important! We, as students and young adults, have the power to change the future and this is our opportunity to do so!

Looking to make a difference?
Click here to donate or sign-up for a Fundraising page for Light a LAMP!

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