Atharvaaaaaaaaa Bhaiyaaaaa,,,,,Come Here !!!!!

Its been 3 weeks since I arrived in Yuwa. It functions in a small village called Hutup on the outskirts of Ranchi, Jharkhand but it has its reach throughout the globe. This place is one of the favorite stop by points of the media, football/soccer lovers and everyone who has interacted or seen the YUWA Girls in action on the field.

In the past 3 weeks, I have been taking Mathematics lessons using Khan Academy for Std. IV-VIII, and trust me “ITS NOT EASY”. From assisting the girls to log in their accounts, checking their homework, selecting the topic for the day and then trying to talk about the concepts. All I hear during the class is:

“Atharva Bhaiya, I forgot my password”

“Atharva Bhaiya, What color avatar should I choose for my account ?”

“Atharva Bhaiya, Can I just see the videos on angles today ?”

“Atharva Bhaiya, You never listen to me 🙁 ”

“Atharva Bhaiya, I forgot to log out. Will all my points be gone ?”

“ATHARVA BHAIYA, ATHARVA BHAIYA, ATHARVA BHAIYA “, Ahhh. Its tiring, but I like it. The girls are so intelligent and such fast learners that me being out of breath is just normal.

Out of the other EXCITING things at Yuwa this month, I have been the IT Assistant for everyone over here(assisting with the new-gen touch screen laptops provided by Lenovo, the big projector which only starts at its will). I have also been taking morning sessions with an older girl-boy group helping them with their English skills and career guidance.

I was glad to receive a email from my mentor stating “- Thank You Atharva- For A+ IT support (which we so desperately needed!) with the lights, Lenovo lab, and projector”  after we successfully organized one of the Parent Night with the parents of the girls.

I am eager to start training with the girls once i have my proper football/soccer shoes. For now, I enjoy playing barefoot with the girls.

This is one of the images taken during the sports period of the Std.I-III where I tried playing football.
This is one of the images taken during the sports period of the Std.I-III where I tried playing football.

Atharva holds the degree of Masters in Social Entrepreneurship and B.A. (H) Social Work. As a part of his college curriculum in University of Delhi, he started working with several NGOs on the health, education and advocacy issues. He developed a keen interest in working with children and, following his heart and mind, became an active member of Chuppi Todo - A Campaign against Child Sexual Abuse. By taking an active role with this campaign, he was able to reach more than 1 lakh children on the safe-unsafe touch in 6 states of India. He also founded Navodit ‰ÛÒ A Drama Society which performed street plays primarily to aware the slums about the misconceptions on HIV-AIDS. He received the Babu P N Singh Award for Excellence in Social Work from the University of Delhi for his exuberance and dedication towards social service. Assessing the problems of small social start-ups he went on to acquire the knowledge of Social Entrepreneurship in the state of Karnataka from the Deshpande Centre of Social Entrepreneurship to do something tangible for the bottom line. During his two years of stay in south India, he held the post of Local Committee Coordinator of AIESEC ‰ÛÒ largest student run organization in the world and was able to facilitate the student exchange programs with 5 different countries ‰ÛÒ China, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia & Egypt. He was also able to develop a sustainable model where the first generation student entrepreneurs were able to connect with the established business minds to seek mentorship and training. Atharva is working with a grass root child centric organization Chetna Vikas-PLAN India in the rural background of Jharkhand for the past one year. He has been instrumental in the formation process of village level child protection committees in two districts of Jharkhand and established a convergence of district level authorities, Police, village panchayat child protection committees and Childline network to safeguard the interests of children at all level. He has thoroughly enjoyed his diverse journey till now and is excited towards being a part of the William J. Clinton Fellowship with the American India Foundation.

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4 thoughts on “Atharvaaaaaaaaa Bhaiyaaaaa,,,,,Come Here !!!!!

  1. The girls too don’t seem to be wearing any football/soccer shoes. How does the institute provide sports and study material for the girls? You mentioned about Parents night. What is the general reaction of the parents on seeing their daughters being actively involved in sport like soccer? How do you manage the hostile ones?

    1. Hi Gauri !
      Its great to see your inerest in the YUwa girls.The girls in the picure weren’t wearing any shoes because it was a random match during one of the games period in the school. When teh proper practice happens in a bigger field with the designated coaches, the required attire and accesories are worn everytime. The girls save up money to buy their shoes and other accesories from Yuwa itself at a subsidised rate. The parents have now considered hollistic development of the girls as a base for the development of the whole family. The parents have become more supporive over the years and we are hopeful to see some more change in their attitude. Yuwa has always faced hostile people, parents, procedures and its our sheer dedication and commitment towards teh girls that we overcome it everytime.

      Feel free to reach me for further queries. And, do follow the Yuwa page on Facebook and Vimeo

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