Age: 26
Home Town: New York, NY
Education: BA, History, Brown University
Specific Field Interests: Education, curriculum design, national identity and pluralism
Placement: Central Square Foundation (Delhi)
Area of Focus: Education

Highlights: Anastasia's interest in education originated from her deep appreciation of her own teachers and grew because of her belief in the importance of education to social change. For the past three years, she has taught high school history in Providence, Rhode Island. She has also had a lifelong interest in South Asia, born out of her familial heritage on her father's side. In college, she spent a semester at St. Stephen's College in Delhi, conducted research on colonial education policies at the British Library, and wrote her thesis about the United Nations humanitarian involvement during the creation of Bangladesh. She also participated in initiatives aimed at improving educational opportunities and access to social services for underserved communities. Anastasia is honored and excited to join the Central Square Foundation as a Clinton Fellow.

Posts by anastasiaaguiar


Counting Breaths

The road towards Anjanisain follows the Ganges, from Rishikesh to Devaprayag. The bus is crowded, […]


Purse Strings

One night back a while back my purse went flying out of an autorickshaw on […]


To Begin: Seven Questions

To Begin: Seven Questions Before I came to India, I was teaching high school history […]

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