Age: 26
Home Town: White Plains, New York
Education: B.A., Political Science, University of Maryland; M.P.P., University of Maryland
Specific Field Interests: Sustainable Development, Political Empowerment
Placement: I Say Organic, New Delhi
Area of Focus: Agriculture and Social Enterprise

Highlights: Before receiving the Fellowship, Eliel worked for three years in the U.S. House of Representatives. His experiences in Congressional offices representing different districts in New York State gave him an opportunity to apply his academic background in political science and public policy to promoting jobs and economic development in his home state. At the same time, he learned about representing and furthering local priorities at the national level. In addition to his time in Congress, Eliel has worked with domestic and internationally focused non-profits advocating for human rights, social justice, and economic development, and received his Masters in Public Policy with a focus in international development from the University of Maryland.

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A Closer Look

I’d planned to write more extensively about Delhi, about my feelings on living here now […]

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