Age: 22
Home Town: Long Beach, California
Education: B.S. Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University
Specific Field Interests: International Public Health and Development, Technological Innovation, The Intersection of The Environment and Human Health, Environmental Preservation
Placement: St. Xavier's Non Formal Education Society, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Area of Focus: Public Health
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Larry's interest in public health sprung from his time as an undergraduate at Stanford University where he cultivated a niche interest in the relationship between health and the environment, abetted by a technical aptitude achieved through a degree in Management Sciences and Engineering with a concentration in Organizations, Technology and Entrepreneurship. During his time working in a healthcare setting for Memorial Care Health Services, Larry acquired Lean Leader certification which provided the knowledge and expertise to develop means of improving the care management process and revise population health initiatives at several different healthcare systems across the nation. While at a new-edge healthcare consulting firm, Evolent Health, Larry managed a project for the implementation of a model intended for the business innovation and process improvement team. Larry initially developed his interest in universal health in nations abroad during his time abroad in Santiago, Chile, where he volunteered at a malnutrition clinic for infants and young children. Additionally, Larry has been a springboard and platform diver since the age of 10. Post Fellowship, Larry will embark on a new journey as an associate in management consulting with a concentration in healthcare at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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