Age: 25
Home Town: San Francisco, CA
Education: BA Economics, Stanford University
Specific Field Interests: Social Entrepreneurship, Economic Development, Urbanization and Environmental issues
Placement: Micro Home Solutions, Delhi
Area of Focus: Social Enterprise

Highlights: Sanjana's interests lie in the intersection of geography and economics, and in understanding how resources can be better allocated amongst the rapidly growing populations in the world's urban centers. Sanjana spent her undergraduate career focused on development economics and environmental issues, including teaching in rural villages in Mauritius, working on the Energy and Environment team at USAID, and growing Stanford's energy/environmental student organization across other college campuses in Singapore, Sweden, and Denmark. Sanjana's passion for international development work stems from her time spent working and living in India, as well as her experiences living and traveling abroad as a child. She joins the Fellowship after three years of corporate business development experience at Intuit Inc, which included a six- month marketing assignment in India launching a new software service for the Indian small business owner.

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