Age: 24
Home Town: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Education: MSW, Macro Global Practice, Boston College 2012; BA Economics & International Relations, Spanish Minor, UC Davis 2006
Specific Field Interests: Rights-Based Assessment, Capacity Building, Food Security, Under-Five Mortality, Rural Livelihoods
Placement: Janagraha, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Area of Focus: Social Citizenship

Highlights: Having spent half her life in India and the other half in the United States, Swathi gained a unique perspective on inequality that sparked her interest in understanding and combating poverty in its various forms. After six years of college at a stretch, Swathi is eager to balance the academic knowledge with practical experience in the field. She is looking forward to the rewards and challenges of rediscovering her drastically transformed hometown of Bangalore. Most recently, Swathi worked at the NGO Entreculturas in Madrid, Spain, to support education programs all over Africa, and to develop a global advocacy network on the right to education. She speaks four languages and is trying to decide on a fifth.

Posts by swathivenkatesh



I anticipated many emotions during my final week in Bangalore: sadness, relief, uncertainty, and nostalgia. […]


Finish line

It’s taking shape! Slowly but surely approaching the end of ground survey. Working 11 hours […]


The Unexpected

They told us that time would fly after midpoint. I badly wanted it to be […]


Swathi’s day out in The Field

In my last post, I wrote (somewhat dejectedly) about feeling disconnected and far-removed from reality. […]


Blurred vision

Complacency is rampant in the United States. It largely stems from ignorance, or from living […]


The Liveability Lens

My phone’s alarm flashes me the message “Take it one day at a time :)” […]


Stranger in my hometown

  In the picture: Holding my nephew Siddhanth’s perfect little baby foot. There are moments […]


India, can you make room for one more?

As long as my return to India was an abstract plan in my head, it […]

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