Age: 24
Home Town: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
Education: B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering
Specific Field Interests: Data Science & Development Policy
Placement: IFMR LEAD, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Area of Focus: Livelihoods

Highlights: An Indian by nationality, an engineer by profession and a tinkerer by habit, Asra aspires to explore the world beyond its confines and come up with solutions that can drive change, thereby promoting better quality of life for all. A Bachelors in Technology specializing in Computer Science & Engineering, Asra has worked for a leading Bay Area company for two years before taking up the AIF Clinton Fellowship. With the goal of applying technology and analytics to the field of developmental policy, Asra is seeking to answer some of the pertinent challenges faced by India's development sector. During her tenure as a Fellow, Asra will be working with IFMR LEAD in the domain of data science for public policy. When she is not mulling over life and its intricacies, you might find her engrossed in a book or enjoying an engaging conversation.

Posts by asrayousuf


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Women Of The Field

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Influencing change: One mindset at a time

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Big Data in Development: Opportunities for Public Policy

Commonly abbreviated as ICT4D, “Information and Communication Technologies for Development” is disrupting the manner in […]


Answering the ‘Whys’ with ‘Whys’: Data in Development

When I booked the cab to commute to office earlier that morning in August, it […]

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