Age: 22
Home Town: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Education: BSc- Bachelor of Science, Biology, Duke University
Specific Field Interests: The inter-connection between the environment, public health, and sustainable livelihoods
Placement: Keystone Foundation - Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu
Area of Focus: Livelihoods

Highlights: Audra believes that India beautifully embodies the inter-relation between people, the environment, and the health of both systems. She is thrilled to be in such a diverse place, both in terms of people and the natural world. She loves that AIF tackles issues from a multi-faceted angle and challenges such as education are also considered connected to health, economy, the environment, equality and feels that it is this interconnected approach that will make changes. Audra wants to combine her passion for environmental justice, activism for local populations, and cultural appreciation during this fellowship, and hopes to gain insight to apply these passions even more so her work. She has traveled around the world, from Madagascar to the Amazon doing odd jobs from primate fieldwork to environmental education with local schools. These experiences have taught her to be versatile and adaptable, and how to fall quickly in love with a new place.

Posts by audrabass


To Listen.

I am the roach I will encroach And feast upon on the Shola land Takes […]


Two Mangoes, One Leg

For months I had been practicing the language. The first several weeks I had painstakingly […]


Stuff Happens

Fresh out of college and naïve to the 10 month fellowship experience I was about […]


She walks with me

She walks with me.   It’s about 5:30 p.m. on a weekday and people are […]


Fire and Water

In these blue hills, there are water-replenishing Shola forests that meander alongside the waterways with […]



  She. Jamshedpur, Jharkhand She came to them in the night. They were scared, at […]


Those Who Hunt Honey

It takes several hours. Hours to plan ahead with the right questions and to establish […]


When Development Work Ceases to Exist

Development. As the weeks go by at Keystone, I am learning more and more the […]


Eat, Eat; Careful – There May Be a Bee in the Honey

Friday evening it was official that I was going to go on the trek! I […]


I Will Not Wait for Hindsight

Prior to India: I worked at the largest Lemur Conservation Research Center in the world; […]

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