Age: 34
Home Town: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Education: Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Specific Field Interests: Gender equality, Climate action and Democracy
Placement: American India Foundation
Area of Focus: Strategic communications, Filmmaking, Brand Building, and Digital Advocacy

Quote: We need diverse voices and approaches working together to shape the world we want tomorrow.

Highlights: Disha Arora is an award-winning feminist documentary filmmaker and development communications specialist. Her passion for advocacy has led her to champion various causes, such as climate action, gender equality, peacebuilding, and education. She has spearheaded international campaigns and collaborated with influential organizations like The World Bank, the European Union, UNFPA, UN Women, IPPF, Open Society, and American Express. Disha works with nonprofits to find the best way to tell their stories of impact and build their unique identities. She also develops high-quality communication tools that meet their goals. Recipient of several international fellowships, including Atlas Corps and Netherlands Fellowship Program, Disha is currently working as the Global Campaigns Lead with Comms Hub, an international network of pro-democracy and social justice strategic communications groups.

Posts by Disha


Education in the age of AI

Education in the Age of AI: Confronting Biases, Bridging the Digital Divide, Facilitating Inclusive Learning […]


Nurturing Change Through Coaching & Mentorship in Social Advocacy

In our present age, characterised by intricate global challenges spanning health pandemics and environmental crises, […]

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