Age: 23
Home Town: Providence, Rhode Island
Education: BA- History, Middlebury College
Specific Field Interests: Women's Rights
Placement: Human Development Research Centre - Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Area of Focus: Human Rights

Highlights: Dylan is incredibly excited to be joining St. Xavier's Human Development and Research Center this year to work on issues ranging from women's rights to education. He is looking forward to becoming part of a new community, enjoying the wide variety of street foods and exploring his new home of Ahmedabad. While at Middlebury College Dylan majored in History, writing his junior thesis on British Colonialism and his senior thesis on Theodore Roosevelt and race relations during his presidency. After graduating Dylan worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign in Iowa, Florida and Virginia. He is excited to continue fighting for causes he believes in, this time across the ocean!

Posts by dylanigoe


Photos from the Field

My project consisted of collecting the narrative of Valmiki women in Ahmedabad City. While collecting […]



To most travelers Hadad, Gujarat is a quick pit stop on the Ambaji Highway – […]



“My story?” Nilum responded, looking at me with the same mixture of confusion, curiosity, and […]


Walking Hand-in-Hand

Opening the door of the white sedan, I instantly became self-conscious of my jeans and […]


Mondays with Manish

Walking with Manish through the alleys of the slums of Ahmedabad, I am filled with […]


“Ah, I Was so Much Older Then / I’m Younger Than That Now.”

“Mom, don’t look at them! They are part of the mafia. Don’t you understand?” I […]


Iowa to India

Tucking into the back of an auto rickshaw, cramming between a bus and a cohort […]

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