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Ashoka’s Green Plan-It: Youth in Action

Ten months of project design and preparation finally took tangible form a couple weeks ago, […]


“We” Is All Who Want to Belong. Everyone Is Welcome

JAI HIND!  INDIA! INDIA! INDIA! For long, India’s enthusiasm for cricket has been second to […]


Young Changemakers

One of the great things about the work I get to do with Ashoka is […]


From Brigrade to Martahalli in 170 INR

I realize that all my posts thus far have been about things like the spirituality […]


Three Pieces of Plastic

Amazing how three little pieces of plastic with a string of random numbers can really […]


Why Was it Wearing Clothes?

I sat in on a meeting today with a man who runs an NGO dedicated […]


Chaotic Beginings

WEEK 1 The girl next to me had obviously been at this process for a […]


Where Crickets go to Die

There’s a place where I sat from time to time over the orientation week and […]


Elijah Monroe – Personal Inquiry

September 5th is the most important day on my calendar.  I think about it every […]

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