Age: 22
Home Town:
Education: BA- Bachelor of Arts, Critical Theory and Social Justice/Emphasis in Critical Race Studies, Occidental College
Specific Field Interests:
Placement: Janaagraha - Bangalore, Karnataka
Area of Focus: Technology/Innovation

Highlights: As someone who is deeply invested in human rights, advocacy, and the welfare of others, Erin decided to pursue an education in critical theory and social justice at Occidental College in Los Angeles. It allowed her to approach these concerns critically via the fields of psychology, philosophy, political science, and sociology. Outside of schoolwork, she spent much of her time drawing and painting, cycling, and watching sports ‰ÛÒ she's a huge fan of American football and is learning to get into cricket these days. She also became rather involved in a number of civic engagement groups and community organizing initiatives throughout the city, mostly revolving around gender discrimination and LGBTQ rights. The work Erin did mainly involved going into the community with other volunteers and talking with voters about elections, proposed legislation, as well as the fact that general rights were not being afforded to specific groups of citizens. Through this experience, she recognized the potential impact and the crucial importance of the work that is done by both volunteers and professionals in the social development sector. Having studied in India for several months in 2015, Erin could see how profoundly complex and daunting social issues necessitated the development of truly innovative NGO's looking to make an impact. As such, she is extremely humbled and eager to join this effort.

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