Age: 23
Home Town: Raleigh, NC
Education: BA in Religious Studies and South Asian Studies from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Specific Field Interests: Urbanization, migration, civic engagement and participation, good governance
Placement: Micro Home Solutions, New Delhi
Area of Focus: Social Enterprise

Highlights: The first time Greg traveled to India it was to join a mountaineering expedition in the Kumaon Himalaya. Be- yond an introduction to stunning (and challenging) landscapes, the experience sparked an avid interest in the diversity and pluralism of South Asia. Return visits to the subcontinent have afforded him opportunities to study at Jawaharlal Nehru University and conduct ethnographic research in the Bhutanese refugee camps of southeastern Nepal. Throughout college, Greg's involvement with Nourish-UNC‰ÛÓan organization that builds partnerships between students and community-based organizations around the world‰ÛÓtaught him to think deeply and critically about international development. An ardent believer in participatory community work, Greg is excited to take up Microhome Solutions' mission of creating socially inclusive cities. He's also hoping to compete in triathlons while living in India.

Posts by gregoryrandolph


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