Age: 25
Home Town: Kollam, Kerala
Education: Mechanical Production Engineering, Kerala Technological University
Specific Field Interests: Quality Education and Conflict Resolution
Placement: Social Entrepreneurship Association, Auroville
Area of Focus: Coordinate development of a 5-year plan that includes various scenarios (ie: one more based on ecology, another based on social relationships and one featuring education) Map out roles and processes required to meet the needs of the Green Silk Road network. Document experience with various levels of volunteer involvement (from one-off travellers using the GSR route for a trip to back-end network builders and comms creators) and suggest ways to enhance engagement and motivation

Fellowship Project: Environmental Protection

Highlights: Hameem Muhammad, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Kerala in India, is a passionate and curious learner. His identity as a learning enthusiast propels him to continuously explore the depths of his own being and the world around him. Hameem is an ardent cinephile and bibliophile, finding solace and inspiration in the realms of cinema and literature. He firmly believes in the transformative power of conversations and constructive conflicts, viewing them as catalysts for positive change. With a commendable track record, Hameem has been an active participant in various communities across India and has successfully completed multiple fellowships in diverse fields including education, journalism, photography, and peacebuilding. During his college years, he co-founded The Gulmohar Foundation, a youth-led NGO dedicated to youth empowerment through community building and social entrepreneurship. Hameem's long-term vision encompasses the establishment of "The Change School," an inclusive educational institution that welcomes individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Drawing from his experiences in organizations such as Teach for India, IUIF (IDEOSYNC UNESCO Information Fellowship) and UNESCO MGIEP Youth Waging Peace, Hameem is leveraging the insights gained to turn his dream of "The Change School" into a tangible reality.

Posts by hameemuhammad


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