Age: 23
Home Town: Princeton, New Jersey
Education: BA- Bachelor of Arts, Health and Societies (Public Health), University of Pennsylvania
Specific Field Interests: Public Health/ Maternal and Child Health
Placement: Bempu - Bangalore, Karnataka
Area of Focus: Technology/Innovation

Highlights: Despite visiting India with her family while growing up, Janan has always dreamt of spending an extended period of time working in India. She is looking forward to traveling throughout the country, experiencing Indian holidays, and eating lots of amazing food. After working primarily at small non-profit organizations in the US, Janan is eager to hone new skillsets working at a social enterprise. She is particularly excited about working at Bempu because of her passion for maternal and child health. During college, Janan worked with various public health organizations in Philadelphia, and then spent two years as the Director of Community Health at the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute. While these experiences have instilled in her a deep passion for the public sector and an understanding of domestic health issues, Janan is eager to develop a more global perspective.

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