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Back to the Pink City

This past month I took advantage of the Fellowship “exposure visit” and made the train […]


Basant Aiya!

For the past two months we have been singing a song in morning assembly with […]


The AIF-APV Connection

(Charlie and I at the SBMA office–NGO affiliated with APV School–in Dehradun) The past 3 […]


Meri Zindagi Ka Ek Din

(photo: Jan.26th–Republic Day) Friends, This month I offer you a video-blog: “Meri Zindagi Ka Ek […]


On Cold and Community

My Minnesota pride has been severely humbled during the past few weeks of winter weather […]


Cow Urine, Carved Kaddu, and a Sing-Along-Song

Anand ji: “John bhai, my suggestion is to gargle a small cup of cow urine.” […]


Mission Maruti: The Journey to APV School

A combination of Plane, Train, Bus, Maruti Taxi, and 200+ stone steps allowed me to […]


John Van Rooy-Personal Inquiry

In the summer of 2008 I had a serendipitous encounter with Chad Robertson, AIF Clinton […]

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