Age: 22
Home Town: Medway, Massachusetts
Education: B.A. in Political Science and International Affairs
Specific Field Interests: Journalism and Public Service
Placement: Fair Trade Connection, Delhi, Delhi
Area of Focus: Livelihoods

Highlights: Kara, a recent political science and international affairs graduate of Northeastern University, fell in love with India during a month-long academic trip focused on the impacts of climate change and resilience efforts around the subcontinent in 2014. She returned the following year to lead the next group of students. Armed with her appreciation for storytelling and journalism experience at an anti-corruption media organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina and for an environmental organization in the U.S., Kara will work with Fair Trade Forum - India and Fair Trade Connection as an AIF Clinton Fellow to amplify the voices of fair trade organizations and their impacts on the artisan and farmer communities around the country.

Posts by karamorgan


The Female Faces of Fair Trade

Before I truly understood the definition of fair trade, I knew the principle of fair […]


How did I End(point) up here?

I am sitting in a metal chair, in front of an unlit fire pit, with […]


Section 377 Goes Straight to Court

July 10th, 2018 may be a historic day for LGBTQIA+ rights in India. That Tuesday […]

Mr. Bhupathy and Kara Morgan

What is Fair Trade?

The question that tripped me up during my interview for this position. A simple question, […]


Before and After

Before / This is a video I created at the beginning of my Fellowship for […]


Sharing with Others

  My first solo trip to Kolkata taught me I had been making serious transportation […]


Breathe: Anatomy/Anxiety of a Field Visit

Disclaimer: I swear, I really love my job. Doorbell rings, it’s breakfast (masala omelette + […]

Every Snack Has a Story

Here’s My Story: What’s Yours?

I consider myself a storyteller, a wordsmith, a communication expert, a journalist. I seek out […]

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