Age: 24
Home Town: Manchester, New Hampshire
Education: University of Pennsylvania
Specific Field Interests: Social Enterprise
Placement: Gram Vaani Community Media, New Delhi
Area of Focus: Social Enterprise

Highlights: During her undergraduate studies in international development, Kiara was staggered to learn the extent to which global systems (e.g., politics, sociology, economics, etc.) impact one's daily life, effectively locking many into a cycle of poverty that is virtually impossible to break. Her fascination with the puzzling complexity and interrelation of world systems launched Kiara onto a career path in social enterprise. Putting her classroom theories into practice, she has worked in an array of development sectors. During her time at the University of Pennsylvania, Kiara co-developed an NPO that delivers medical and educational relief to hundreds of individuals residing in the slums and red-light districts of Calcutta, India. After graduating, Kiara entered the private business sector as the director of consulting for a tech start-up in Beijing, China, but soon returned to her non-profit roots as an economic development Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica. She spent her years in Costa Rica working in microfinance, small business development, and striving to empower rural women and youth. She raised tens of thousands of dollars to fund community development initiatives like bringing potable water access to a population of over 20,000 people. Through Peace Corps, Kiara gained a newfound appreciation for information technology. She comes to the Fellowship eager to examine how IT can improve the scope of social enterprise, thereby bringing us one step closer to generating sustainable, scalable, and replicable solutions to global development issues.

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