Age: 26
Home Town: New Delhi
Education: B.A. Psychology (hons), M.A. Clinical Psychology
Specific Field Interests: Curriculum Design, Child Development, Alternative Education
Placement: Shaishav, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Area of Focus: Education

Highlights: Maitreyi pursued her postgraduate degree in Psychology from Ambedkar University, Delhi. After a short stint as an Event Associate with Little Black Book, she joined Vasant Valley School (Delhi) as a Special Educator. Here, she spent her time creating Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for children with autism and Down syndrome and made use of a multi-sensory approach in teaching. Being interested in alternative education, she has volunteered at organizations such as SECMOL in Ladakh and Marpha Foundation in Nepal, where she employed activity based learning in the classroom. A trained Bharatnatyam dancer, she is keen to explore different mediums of teaching. Through the AIF Clinton Fellowship, she also hopes to build her own understanding of the myriad ways in which children learn and assimilate knowledge. In her free time, she loves to travel, read and bake.

Posts by maitreyi


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A Helpline in Aid of Children

Every month, I sit with the CHILDLINE helpline team at my host organisation, Shaishav, to […]

Children marching on the streets holding banners against usage of tobacco and alcohol in the community

Children Leading Change: Notes from the Field

“I would like to ask them a question”, said a boy standing up from a […]

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