Age: 28
Home Town: Tel Aviv, Israel
Education: MSc in Social Science of the Internet, University of Oxford; MA in Cyber Politics and Government, Tel Aviv University, BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, Reichman University
Specific Field Interests: AI Policy, AI Governance, Tech for Good, Climate Tech, Social Innovation, Sustainable Development, Diversity and Inclusion
Placement: Karo Sambhav, Gurugram, Haryana
Area of Focus: Develop a replicable digital platform that enhances transparency and efficiency in waste management processes in the Indian context using Big Data and Business Analytics; Provide AI consultancy and delivery to improve the organization's operational scope and capacity building.

Fellowship Project: Environmental Protection

Highlights: Maya will serve as an American India Foundation (AIF) Fellow with Karo Sambhav, in Gurgaon, Haryana. She is an AI policy researcher, ethicist and leadership scholar, with over a decade of experience in analyzing tech products, services and policies, focusing on Responsible AI, Climate Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, and Digital Transformation - across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Her artistic background as a child in Surrealism has led her to the exploration of the ethical and socio-cultural factors of digital innovation, and particularly the philosophical foundations of Artificial Intelligence. Maya received her MSc from the Oxford Internet Institute, exploring the intercultural digital ethics and governance of data-driven policies during crises. Her studies were fully funded by the Weidenfeld Hoffmann Trust to cultivate the next generation of global leaders from emerging markets. As a leadership scholar by the Trust, Maya got to establish an AI-driven skillset matching venture supporting the employment of Indian youth, alongside her co-founders from India, Argentina, Mexico, and Myanmar. She was selected as a young emerging leader by Oxford’s Character Project and as a visiting EUROPAEUM scholar, representing the University of Oxford in policy conferences in Czech Republic, Portugal and Belgium. Maya has previously worked in leading tech companies globally, including HiredScore, Dell Technologies, and GlobalData, designing Diversity and Inclusion products for Global Fortune 500 and developing ESG evaluations of climate innovation models. During COVID-19, she led various educational and diplomatic initiatives supporting minority groups and at-risk youth, supported by the Israeli-American Council. Maya currently serves as a Scientific Council Member in the Israeli Association for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and an Advisory Board Member in Fidutam, aimed at guiding the AI community towards responsible practices. Her studies explore AI ethics and governance in the public sector and are published in leading academic journals, such as Routledge, SUNY Press, Oxford University Press and Frontiers. Maya is grateful to serve as an AIF Banyan Fellow and looking forward to deepening her expertise in tech development in India, through circular economy and human-machine interactions.

Posts by Maya Sherman

Image by redgreystock on Freepik

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