Home Town: New Delhi, Delhi
Education: Bachelor of Management Studies (University of Delhi)
Specific Field Interests: Sustainable Development in Post-Conflict Societies, Environment Sustainability, Migrant Rights
Placement: Sustainable Communities India Private Limited in Pune, Maharashtra
Area of Focus: Livelihoods

Fellowship Project: Develop innovative business models for accelerating the adoption of energy efficient technologies in India as well as other South-East Asian countries.

Highlights: Mehar is serving as an American India Foundation (AIF) Clinton Fellow with Sustainable Communities India Private Limited in Pune, Maharashtra. For her fellowship project, she is developing innovative business models for accelerating the adoption of energy efficient technologies in India as well as South-East Asian countries. Growing up in various locations across India and exploring diverse cultures, Mehar believes in the importance of communication and adaptability for understanding the needs of different groups and strengthening them through sharing ideas, knowledge and creating cooperative communities. Through her interactions with vulnerable groups in conflict regions, she recognises the value of empowering communities and building their resilience to adversity by developing systems for sustainable livelihoods. Mehar began her career as a Policy Analyst at Swaniti Initiative with a focus on bridging the gap between the community, civil society organisations and parliamentarians, as well as delivering development solutions to strengthen democratic institutions. Over the past year, she has facilitated the policy engagement efforts of a network of grass-root organisations across India on issues surrounding human trafficking and protection of migrant workers. She has also conducted capacity building workshops for women artisans in North India with an aim to increase their market linkages. Her recent project gave her the opportunity to assist the State Government of Jharkhand to strengthen climate change resilience within the state and assess the absorption of returning migrant workers into large-scale employment programs such as MGNREGA. Serving as an AIF Clinton Fellow, Mehar endeavours to build her experience in the development sector as well as understand the nuances of designing and implementing scalable and sustainable projects that drive social impact. She is keen to learn and foster innovative approaches that create synergies between the goals of economic growth and environmental preservation. An avid reader, she is fond of writing poetry and enjoys playing the guitar.

Posts by Mehar.Jauhar

Image showing the presentation of the "Industrial Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment in Asia" study at an international webinar organised by EESL, ISC and P4G on "Industrial Energy Efficiency: A potent tool for nations embarking on the path of sustainable development". The event, organised on June 4, 2021, witnessed participation from stakeholders and leading experts representing the energy ecosystem in the South and South-East Asian region including the countries of Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

The Pursuit of Innovation in Building Climate Sustainability III: Insights from the Region

As described in the previous part of this blog series, my AIF Fellowship project focussed […]

An image describing the target audience, project goal, innovation offering and expected results for the E2 Alliance for Industry Program.

The Pursuit of Innovation in Building Climate Sustainability II: Energy Efficiency Alliance for Industry

With realizing the significance of the region of South Asia and Southeast Asia in the […]

Photo defining the fellowship journey of Mehar Jauhar as "The Pursuit of Innovation in Building Climate Sustainability"

The Pursuit of Innovation in Building Climate Sustainability I: Defining the Area of Battle

At the onset of the AIF Fellowship, as I entered a space I was rather […]

A person holding up a sign at a protest that reads "There is No Planet B"

Defining the Humanisation of Climate Change: An Endeavour to Bring Numbers to Life

“Describing the effects of climate change through a humanising lens would mean that instead of […]


Stages of a Storm: Life-Cycle of the Commitment to Serve as a Fellow in Times of the Pandemic

As I was looking over the past year that has gone by, the unfortunate outbreak […]

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