Age: 32
Home Town: Kochi, Kerala
Education: MA in Education, Azim Premji University
Specific Field Interests: Educational training and development
Placement: Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch, Guajarat
Area of Focus: Design and support in the field through educational programs to enhance quality of schooling of mariginalised sector in Bharuch

Fellowship Project: Education

Highlights: Hussain has been working in educational sector for the last 8 years. He holds a post graduate degree in Education from the prestigious Azim Premji University Bangalore. He is a graduate in Mathematics and completed Bachelor of Education in Physics and Mathematics. He has worked with different educational, social and developmental organisations like Kaivalya Education Foundation Delhi team in collaboration with Directorate of Education, Government of Delhi. He is directorate member of WEFI Kerala, Ma'abar Foundation and Evren Academy. He was the program manager and academic leader of Bolster Foundation.

Posts by Mohammed Hussain P A

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Understated ADHD/ADD in Children

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Hussain Leading a discussion during a training session

Unveiling Purpose: The Evolutionary Journey of Crafting a Project Proposal

I, Mohammed Hussain as a Banyan Impact Fellow placed with Gram Vikas Trust, started on […]

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