Age: 31
Home Town: New Delhi
Education: M.Des - Information Arts & Information Design Practices
Specific Field Interests: Environmental Conservation, Education, Youth Empowerment, Gender Equality
Placement: Collaborating for Resilience
Area of Focus: Communications & Outreach

Fellowship Project: As a Communications Fellow, Namrata will gain experience in principles of multi-stakeholder dialogue to promote citizen engagement in policy reform and implementation and will apply these principles through one or more international partnerships. She will manage communications and outreach across one or more program areas and support the development of curriculum materials and programs that build the capacity of civil society partners to drive governance innovations. She will identify insights and distinctive voices from the comparative analysis of outcomes across different partnership sites working towards systems change, build out the organization’s visibility and partnership networks, and communicate lessons for policy and practice.

Highlights: Namrata Sehgal is a self-employed architect and communication designer with nine years of experience, including four years in the nonprofit sector as a digital media marketing and design professional. She earned a Bachelor's degree in architecture from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, and a Master's degree in Information Arts and Design from Srishti Manipal Institute in Bangalore. Namrata has worked with nonprofits to promote education and environmental conservation, primarily in underserved areas, applying design thinking tools and strategizing effective digital media campaigns. She has been the CEO of IRO, a zero-waste textile brand preserving traditional craftsmanship, and the co-founder of a lifestyle design studio, Yours' & Co. Her identity design and fundraising campaigns enabled a nonprofit focusing on environmental conservation through afforestation to achieve 20% above their fundraising goal. Namrata spearheaded the design of an ecosystem in Northern India by planting native species utilizing the essential components of environmentally responsible behavior and simultaneously inculcating community participation in the locals. Previously, she led the design team at another nonprofit promoting the education and empowerment of underprivileged youth. Her redesign of 1500 handmade scrapbooks to impart 21st-century skills increased focus group engagement by 40%. Namrata is also the Head of Decor at F of X and Fuel Human Festival. She focuses on sustainability in design, simultaneously reducing overall production costs by 18%. She has acquired digital media marketing skills and event planning expertise through these experiences. She believes strongly in environmental conservation and youth empowerment.

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