Age: 23
Home Town: Mamaroneck, New York
Education: BA- Bachelor of Arts, Medical Anthropology, Case Western Reserve University
Specific Field Interests: Global development/women's health
Placement: Educo (FundaciÌ_n EducaciÌ_n y CooperaciÌ_n)
Area of Focus: Education

Highlights: Although being an Indian-American, Nisha has never been to India like her parents did and now is excited to integrate into the Indian culture and make it a strong part of her identity. She is passionate about health and education and is looking forward to working in the same field through AIF and her host organization. Through this fellowship, she wants to learn about the issues from the people who are living through them and wants to gain a deep understanding of them. Prior to AIF, she was living and working in Peru and Tanzania, an experience she things that would help her in this fellowship.

Posts by nishasambamurty


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The Train That Tells

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Conducting the Orchestra

“Oh stop, she’ll be fine,” Sonali said to her friend as she grabbed my hand […]


Quelling the Chaos

As we walked into the slums of Mumbai, I couldn’t help but be consumed with […]

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