Age: 24
Home Town: Columbus, Ohio
Education: The Ohio State University, B.A. Political Science
Specific Field Interests: Sustainability, International Development, Ethics, Public Health
Placement: Vaagdhara, Banswada, Rajasthan
Area of Focus: Livelihoods

Highlights: Parijat was born in India but grew up in Columbus, Ohio, from the age of 6 onward. He feels a sense of gratitude for the education and opportunities he has received and has always felt a sense of obligation to re-connect with and give back to India. At Ohio State University (OSU), this interest was intensified as he obtained his degree and worked intensively in the field of environment and sustainability. He hopes to obtain a PhD in Political Science one day, focusing on ethical development. He backpacked through the Himalayas in Nepal and spent a few months in India after he graduated from OSU, but he is so excited to experience India through a new and different lens as an AIF Clinton Fellow!

Posts by parijatjha


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Understanding Silhouettes: Exemplary Commitment in Banswara

Imagine it’s night time, the sun has set. You are walking along a dimly lit […]

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