Home Town: Dwarka, Delhi
Education: Master's in Psychology (Ambedkar University Delhi); Bachelor's in Psychology (Ambedkar University Delhi); Diploma in Community Mental Health (NIMHAS)).
Specific Field Interests: Trauma and Childhood, Public Health, Mental Health, Gender, Education.
Placement: Active Fellow
Area of Focus:

Highlights: Prakriti has four years of work experience in providing psychotherapy and counselling especially to adolescents and young adults. Her education in Psychology (Master’s and Bachelor’s in Psychology) has prepared her in counseling, qualitative, quantitative research methods, and psychometric testing which she has used in training interns and volunteers in Mental Health Foundation, India in the capacity of Community Coordinator. Prakriti has extensive experience working with communities in implementing sustainable systems to bring in public health, gender, caste, and justice in the semi-rural areas of Delhi and Vrindavan. Besides, her work with Nirmal Initiative on the project ‘Empowering Children and community against Child Sexual Abuse’’and Khushii NGO project on ‘Building resilience through counseling and life-skill training’ ’has prepared her in working with the adolescent population and mapping their issues to communicate and take initiatives in school and community settings. Her utmost aim is to bring gender equality and understanding about trauma through means of education, interventions, and upscaling the skills of staff/professionals serving the community. Prakriti is looking forward to expanding professionally, engaging with the cohort, and gaining new perspectives on the development sector. In her leisure time, Prakriti loves to read, dance, and play with her cats and dogs, and enjoys spending quality time with her mother discussing various theories and ideologies.

Posts by Prakriti Pandia


Peering at Orientation from a Psychological Standpoint

6-minutes read “Plunge into the journey with an open heart, and leave a mark“– Prakriti. […]

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