Age: 25
Home Town: Fremont, California
Education: BA - Developmental Genetics; South Asian Studies (UC Berkeley); MS - Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling (Northwestern University)
Specific Field Interests: Public Health, Health Education
Placement: Thirumalai Charitable Trust, Madurai
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Having spent her childhood in four different countries, Priyanka gained a unique perspective on how culture affects daily life. After obtaining undergraduate degrees in both South Asian Studies and Genetics, Priyanka was intent on finding a way to combine both these fields of study. Upon graduation, Priyanka worked at the South Asian Heart Center, a wellness clinic committed to providing case management to patients of South Asian ancestry who were at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Subsequently, Priyanka pursued a gradu- ate degree in genetic counseling, where she conducted independent research and consulted with patients diagnosed with genetic diseases. Additionally, she rotated at a genetics clinic in Bangalore, India. There, she was involved in research and clinical fieldwork. During her time in Bangalore, she was able to witness the effects of culture on healthcare and became more interested in different models of healthcare delivery in India.

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