Age: 22
Home Town: Appleton, WI
Education: University of Wisconsin- Madison/Neurobiology and Psychology
Specific Field Interests: Public Health
Placement: Keystone Foundation, Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu
Area of Focus: Public Health

Highlights: Shruti comes to the AIF Fellowship from Madison, WI with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neurobiology and Psychology. Her interest in the health and wellness of marginalized populations developed while volunteering at a village hospital in an Indian village. Since then, Shruti has deepened her experience in instigating community-oriented health initiatives by working as the outreach and health education coordinator at a mental advocacy. She also worked as an honorary research associate at a radiology stroke lab following graduation. Shruti is eager to use the skills she gained to keep building a foundation of meaningful engagement with the country of her birth.

Posts by shrutirajan


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Swimming Upstream The Health System River

I am very drawn by my desire to understand human experiences of health and disease. […]


Where there is no Psychiatrist: leap-frogging the status quo of mental health in India

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Gaurs and Tigers and Elephants, Oh My

My day starts with a 25-minute walk to the Keystone Foundation campus. By now, I […]


The Nilgiris: A Golden Goose Fighting Extinction

The dust kicked up behind the jeep as it carried me and my co-worker deeper […]

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