Age: 22
Home Town: New York City
Education: BA- Bachelor of Arts, Asian & Midde Eastern Cultures, Barnard College
Specific Field Interests: Human rights and public health
Placement: Organization for Early Literacy Promotion (OELP) - Kishangarh, Rajasthan / CREA - Delhi
Area of Focus: Technology/Innovation

Highlights: Trip is thrilled to be able to finally put all of her Hindi language exercises about mangoes to good use! She is excited to see how grassroots organizations navigate community and academic knowledge, foreign and local skills, to create literacy interventions tailored to their communities. In this fellowship, she wants to learn about the future of grassroots organizations in an age of globalization, and learn more about both, the strengths international collaborations bring and the weaknesses that must be addressed. Prior to AIF, Trip worked in grassroots HIV support and advocacy in Uganda and spent time with the beautiful community of postcolonial/human rights academics at Columbia, an experience she feels will allow her to look at her work critically and bring her best self to work.

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Health by the Sambhar Lake: Part I

I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in November working at Manthan Kotri […]

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