Balancing Act

I think I’ve done it!

I think I’ve managed to adjust to the mad balancing act that it requires to work and function in this city. This has not been the result of any conscious decision other than to accept the realities of living here. I wish I could tell you of great personal obstacles overcome, challenges met or instances of personal valor along the way, but I must disappoint regarding this, as the patience that has gotten me through these three months has slowly been able to make all aspects of life here manageable. This is of course also the result of a subtle resignation to the reality that I cannot change all the things I wish I could change about living here, such as the noise, the behavior of some people and a litany of other things. However, this passivity has not made me completely detached and emotionless, contrary to what my housemates may maintain. It’s just that my brain has completely incorporated the slogan of “Keep calm & carry on”.

Of course, compared to the vast majority of people on this fellowship my experience thus far has also been one of the gentlest and least disturbing, judging by the stories we’ve swapped and scenarios discussed. My biggest challenge is that my bathroom every once in a while breaks down and I can’t turn the light on but aside from that, my life is blissfully devoid of challenges.

Professionally, of course, challenges remain, as start-ups are a confusing mix of strictness and extreme informality. However, the biggest challenge remains staying focused. For however educational and productive my college years were, they did not teach me to stay on task. The infatuation with all things internet is a major problem when it comes to doing virtually anything. However, this too is improving.

I hate to sound too positive and I’m sure this mood too will pass, especially in this city of 2 second emotions, but it cannot be denied that things have been going rather well for me. Work is engaging and fun, if long at times, I live in a city that leaves me with few excuses not to go out and learn/experience things and I get to look forward to a great period of travel.

Furthermore, I am coming to grips with Delhi’s bewildering diversity, which initially shocked and intrigued me. It has now moved from shocking to fascinating, as I continue to learn more about this country and this city’s history. I am convinced that there is no way in which Delhi is not diverse, save geographically, which makes living and exploring here so exciting. I can pass from one neighborhood where I sample fine lamb besides the Jama Masjid to another where I gorge on potstickers in a Tibetan Refuge Colony and get to top it off with either Indian or Western sweets. Yes, most of my enthusiasm comes from my love of food but it does not diminish that the diversity of food exists only because of the diversity of people and experiences.

Part of me fears that this honeymoon will soon come to an end, but for now, I am enjoying the city’s gifts and try to take more of the good with less of the bad.

Annoyingly happy person, signing off!

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