Basant Aiya!

For the past two months we have been singing a song in morning assembly with the chorus “Basant Aiya”.  I finally asked one of the teachers why we were constantly singing this song.  “Basant Aiya—Spring has come!” was the response.

Indeed Spring has come to our perch in the Garhwali Himalayas.  The Rhododendron flowers are in full bloom and I, along with the school children, have been enjoying the edible petals.  A myriad of other flowers and trees are also in bloom.  One project that is in progress is to work with the children and community to identify as much local flora and fauna as possible—English, Hindi, and Garhwali names.  I recently met with the Botany Dept. at the University of Srinagar and they’ve also agreed to assist with the project.

In this blog entry I offer you a photo peregrination through the vibrant colors and wonders of Garhwali Spring (Including the delightful chaos of Holi—the festival of colors).

From APV Spring Holi


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