Young Changemakers

One of the great things about the work I get to do with Ashoka is […]


Broken Systems

He sat on the outskirts of the group looking forlorn and listless. His dejection was […]



The English language in India is a complicated business. And I don’t just mean that […]


The Motorcycle Diaries.

This is my attempt to simultaneously combine social commentary and a new visual medium to […]


Star-Crossed, Caste-Crossed Lovers in Kanpur

My colleague Bindu and I spent three days filming in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in preparation […]


Joy Amidst the Madness

It’s 5pm, one hour from the end of working hours at my NGO. Winter break […]


What I’m actually doing in Chennai…

(The above photo is of some of the POLL staff members at a project review […]


Home Away From Home?

I don’t know that I’ll ever get completely used to riding “tempos” (shared autorickshaws) with […]



I stood outside Mrs. Guha’s doorstep, clutching the bottle of hot water she had given […]


Work Projects (1): The Katha CommunITy!

Friends, At Katha, I have been charged with overseeing the implementation of a computer training […]


A Walk in the Valley

To the outside eye, the city-dweller, or passer-by, the Rishi Valley may seem like a […]


From Brigrade to Martahalli in 170 INR

I realize that all my posts thus far have been about things like the spirituality […]

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