Lunchtime in Hindi

I sat cross-legged on the floor with my co-workers, dipping roti into sabsee and dal...

An essential ecosystem: The Sunderbans

West Bengal's Sunderbans National Park is an ecological marvel. The world's biggest mangrove ecosystem, it...

Fieldwork begins!: The Ramaj Watershed

Hello everybody, After my trying but inevitable baptism into Indian bureaucracy and daily business, I...

Of red balloons and Capricorn shopkeepers

I’m not sure if ‘expect the unexpected’ is ever good advice.  It’s the same as...

Where Crickets go to Die

There's a place where I sat from time to time over the orientation week and...

Setting the Context

Dear readers, Most people would agree that moving to a new place requires a degree...

Passage to India, A Personal Inquiry Brief, Ré...

I wanted to become an AIF Clinton Fellow for two reasons: Reason #1: Because it...

The journey begins

Dear readers, Two days ago, I apprehensively handed my flimsy plane ticket to a short,...


“Lev Turner is selling three filing cabinets-$25 each, one ergonomic office chair- $30, Book Case...

Personal Inquiry Brief

I cannot precisely describe the thrill of returning to India. It is an amazing and...

Service beast, fellowship monster

I. Where I’m coming from: Before I embark on the questionable mission of defining who...

Personal Inquiry Brief

This fellowship experience is personally significant to me in several ways. First and foremost, I...

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