AIF Instagram Live Series: Our Community Rising to...

In March of 2020, AIF—along with countless other organizations, businesses, and people—was dramatically affected by […]


A Letter to the Lion City: Hyderabad, I...

Leaving Hyderabad was painful. It wasn’t the way that I wanted to leave and returning […]


Endpoint Publications: Behind the Scenes

Hey future fellows! So you’re at the point of your AIF Clinton Fellowship where you’re […]


Why Is There an Urgent Need for a...

Coming from a typical Indian household, my family practised upcycling way before we knew the […]


Labor & Empowerment as Community

During a conversation at the Gurgaon market with an older grandmother from Ladakh, the grandmother […]


3 Questions to Ask Yourself About a Social...

“How do I want to make an impact in the world?” I think many people […]


Is Empowerment an Empowering Term?

Is Leadership a Fair Indicator of Empowerment? In the literature of development, empowerment is a […]


What’s in a Language? (Part II)

Like 24% of children in the United States, I grew up in a bilingual household […]


Women Leadership (or the lack thereof) in the...

One of my tasks as an AIF Clinton Fellow for Women’s Empowerment Desk, the unit […]


Interview with Steffi John, MCBT Education Officer

For many people, working with animals all day is a dream job. Only a few […]


Excerpts from my Journal: A Retrospect on Confronting...

On Privilege If I want to, I can return home and never look back. But […]


Advice for Future Fellows

At the end of the AIF Clinton Fellowship, I asked my co-Fellows for pieces of […]

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