Deepak is one of over 40,000 children who now have a chance to quality education under AIF’s Learning and Migration program, with the support of WestBridge Capital. The four-year partnership covers migrating communities from rural Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, providing children from migration-affected communities with a better future. 

Under this project, LAMP is equipping children learning enrichment activities in Learning Resource Centers, thereby bridging the learning deficits of children and improving their learning levels in STEM. More importantly, this project leverages government resources by working with anganwadis (government-run rural child care centers) to strengthen foundational learning and hand-hold public school teachers. Additionally, school governance issues are given importance through the capacity building of community members, who also monitor government-run hostels.  

LAMP focuses on  distress seasonal migration – an estimated 139 million people migrate from remote villages across rural areas in search of work for up to eight months, often uprooting entire families. Children are forced to migrate with their parents, leaving behind their schools, friends and communities. LAMP promotes universal education in migration-affected geographies, improving the quality of learning and school governance. The program has demonstrated significant success in keeping children in school and improving learning outcomes at grade level. Since inception, over 500,000 children have accessed quality education opportunities through LAMP, covering more than 2000 villages across 13 states of India.

WestBridge Capital is a highly experienced investment firm, managing over $2.5 billion of capital, which focuses on investments in India. It leverages both its capital and experience to help companies succeed. WestBridge’s team is one of the most recognized in the industry and has a combined 50+ years of experience in investing in Indian companies. 

AIF’s partnership with WestBridge Capital is focused on some of the remotest rural communities in India. The project is focused on educating and supporting the children of migrant laborers, and providing an education to the children of migrant labor is critical to breaking these families from their multi-generational cycle of poverty.

As Director of Communications and Advocacy, Rowena Kay Mascarenhas holds the global responsibility for overseeing the development and implementation of AIF’s marketing, communications, and advocacy strategies across the Head Office, Country Office and Regional Offices.

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