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India is in the throes of an unparalleled emergency with the world’s highest tally of Covid cases and number of deaths, each day.  Amidst flailing health infrastructure, pushing the country to its breaking point, American India Foundation (AIF) reaches out to you yet again, to help us in this fight to save lives.

In 2020, during the first phase of coronavirus, AIF reached out to over 500,000 people with protective gear and close to 900,000 with prepared meals and ration kits, through its mass awareness and prevention drive. Now, we ask you to join us again to help us shore up supplies of medical oxygen amid rising demand for beds, as a fast-spreading second wave of coronavirus devastates through the country. AIF is working with local governments, hospitals, and stakeholders to understand the needs from cities to rural villages. Our 20 years of working within these systems and our expansive network allows us to quickly direct equipment to where it is needed. But we need your support to save these lives.

AIF has a three-pronged Emergency Response Strategy Phase 2 to address this crisis:

Identifying lack of awareness, access and affordability as immediate impediments to vaccinating the vulnerable, AIF is forging strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, devising national awareness drives and behaviour change campaigns under The First Million program. Its immediate focus includes facilitating registrations, securing priority vaccination slots for the vulnerable population and resolving multiple access issues through personalised support.

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