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Pivots in AIF programs, to mitigate COVID-19 impact

Public Health

Maternal and Newborn Survival Initiative (MANSI): To ensure preventive and curative care for mothers and newborns during the second virulent wave of COVID-19, AIF’s award-winning flagship public health intervention MANSI, continued to empower primary healthcare workers (ASHAs and ANMs) on best practices and technology based solutions to ensure the delivery of essential healthcare services. AIF also designed an interactive mobile voice response system in certain geographies for ASHAs and ANMs to better serve their community.


Learning and Migration Program (LAMP): India has over 140 million seasonal migrant workers, as COVID-19 disrupted access to quality education for underprivileged migrant children; LAMP leveraged its experience of working with the government and communities. Adopting a life-cycle approach, it focused on children in pre-primary to secondary grades and endeavored to curtail learning loss through online, home-based, community-based learning support, and mobile libraries. Apart from this, LAMP also trained government school teachers on the use of digital tools/media and coordinated with them for the online/offline teaching-learning activities for the children in migrant, tribal, and rural areas. Watch the video, to learn how LAMP’s intervention during COVID-19, and how its efforts opened pathways of success for Sunita Bhen Pulji Bai from Gujarat, now employed as nurse at hospital in Surat, Gujarat.

Digital Equalizer (DE): COVID-19 has changed education forever! Globally, 1.2 billion children were pushed out of the brick and mortar schools, ushering in a distinctive rise in e-learning. Bridging the digital divide, AIF’s Digital Equalizer Program continued to empower underserved children through digital technology and interactive STEM experiences, while also building capacities of teachers in STEM and technology-focused pedagogy! For students with access to technology, DE started virtual classrooms with online classes, tailored digital content and worksheet, virtual STEM camps, and virtual teacher’s training.

For children without any digital access, DE got creative and ensured learning through community/remedial classes, tablets and pen drives loaded with digital content, and tailored digital content and worksheets. Here’s Najiba Begum, 15 from Chennai sharing her experience of learning virtually with the help of Digital Equalizer.


ENTREPRERANA: As COVID-19 adversely impacted livelihoods in every sector; AIF designed a high impact Project for one of the worst affected vulnerable community- street vendors. Through Project Entreprerana, AIF is creating sustainable livelihoods for street vendors by providing them access to new sources of income, low cost working capital, and mainstreaming their business through formal. Implemented by AIF and the Bank of America, the Project has reached out to 47,902 street vendors across Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Lucknow, facilitating 35,055 vendor registrations and training 40,519 vendors in successfully using digital payments. Establishing linkages for 24,662 street vendors with the PM SVANidhiloans, the Project also brings access to a working capital loan of Rs. 10,000 under the schemes, at subsidized rate of interest for street vendors to resume their livelihoods adversely affected by the pandemic.

GERIATRIC CARE AIDE PROJECT: Bridging the gap between caregivers and the elderly population, AIF’s Geriatric Care Aide project has been pioneering to meet the growing demands of the country’s healthcare system. Aimed at creating an independent cadre of trained caregivers, Geriatric Care Aide project supported by Franklin Templeton has so far trained more than 240 youths from marginalized communities, providing them access to sustainable livelihoods. The project was also conferred with the Gold Award for its outstanding performance in the Health Skilling Brand Category at the IHW awards 2020.

AIF has provided a new direction to my life.With the help of skills developed under AIF’s project, I am not only supporting my family financially, but also doing something significant, serving people in need of care.

Kavita Yadav Healthcare Worker

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