Digital Equalizer Contest Announcement 2012

Digital Equalizer is excited to announce the 5th annual student project contest. Students of AIF-supported Digital Equalizer schools all over India will be submitting their ideas for projects addressing key global issues ranging from environmental policy to politics to social trends. The Digital Equalizer Contest aims to motivate both students and teachers through collaborative, project-based learning to make the best creative use of the technological tools provided through the program. The contest activates the teaching-learning environment into a dynamic process of educational discovery, empowering students to express themselves through the power of technology while they master skills in multimedia, presentation, and academic defense utilizing relevant examples and research.

Participating schools will be competing to win the grand prize of Rs. 30,000 ($550) for their school. Twelve state-level prizes of Rs. 20,000 ($365) will also be awarded to projects presenting comprehensive and convincing arguments on their subjects. Students are encouraged to present their ideas creatively, making use of Digital Equalizer’s technological tools to enhance their projects.

Past contests include 2011’s ‘India Against Corruption’, which resulted in thought-provoking student presentations on how factors such as the media, politics, and different forms of government affect and are influenced by corruption, both within India and internationally. Through their projects, students learn to contextualize specific problems as well as how to research, analyze, brainstorm, debate, and articulate implementable action items to improve these problems. Students work independently as well as in groups, and are guided by both teachers and Digital Equalizer staff.

This year’s national contest has students submitting ideas for how to improve their schools, creating a unique opportunity to use Digital Equalizer’s technological training to make a tangible difference in their own education. For the first time, the winning projects of this year’s contest will be implemented in the winners’ schools. Winners will be announced in March 2013 – look out for them on this blog!

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