The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the global community at large and the way we operate. The AIF community, both in India and in the US, is no exception. We realize that the current situation may be different next month or even next week, but we are trying our best to make sure these changes do not affect our ongoing commitment towards hundreds of thousands of women, girls and children who rely on AIF for critical support.

We believe that India’s poor, who have limited access to the right information, healthcare and are predominantly employed/self-employed in the unorganized sector, are expected to bear a disproportionate brunt of the economic fallout of this unprecedented health emergency. In the medium to long term, the impact of job losses, disruption in children’s education and social isolation might turn out to be greater than those from the health emergency. We want to do our best to make sure that communities with the greatest needs are not hit the hardest.

To do this, AIF is leveraging our multi-sectoral programming on health, education and livelihoods across India and our partnership networks, (including with the governments), to support the communities we serve to protect themselves against COVID-19 and to emerge strongly through the resulting economic crisis.

Learn more about AIF’s COVID-19 Humanitarian Preparedness & Response Plan

Read AIF’s COVID19 Response Press Release

Won’t you join us in rallying together as a community to support the needs of underprivileged women, children and youth in India? Together we can make a difference.

We urge you to make your donations to support AIF’s COVID-19 Humanitarian Preparedness & Response initiative.

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