Digital Equalizer

Digital Equalizer is AIF’s flagship education program that facilitates equitable access to quality education to students from government schools across 28 states and 7 union territories of India. The program bridges the educational and digital divide in India and prepares students, especially young girls, for a career and life.

Targeting secondary students in grades 6-10, the Program primarily trains educators in basic computer literacy, and pedagogical methodologies that together bring creativity, diversity, and real-life examples into the school curriculum through the use of technology.

Why DE

Why DE

The COVID-19 pandemic induced school closures forced educators across the socioeconomic spectrum to embrace digital technology exposing the educational and digital divide across India.

Launched in 2004, the Digital Equalizer program has been ahead of the curve using technology as a pedagogical tool, to provide access to quality education while:

  • Bridging the digital and educational divide in India.
  • Reducing the gender gap in STEM Education and Future Workforce.
  • Enhancing the capacity of teachers to integrate technology as a pedagogy.
  • Aligning resources, systems, and processes in STEM education.
  • Mitigating learning loss caused due to the pandemic.
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How DE works

How DE works

Digital Equalizer works with the state and district level education departments to strengthen the public education system and improve the learning experience and outcomes of students in government schools. The program builds and leverages the digital infrastructure in schools to enhance the learning process for all learners by focusing on:

  • Enabling teachers and educators to integrate technology-based pedagogy and digital content in the teaching-learning process.
  • Empowering students, especially adolescent girls, with knowledge and agency to choose an education and a career in STEM.
  • Building government, knowledge, and tech Partnerships for digital future & 21st Century Skilling.
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Improving Learning Outcomes

Digital Equalizer increases engagement and active participation of students, especially girls, in the classroom using techno-pedagogy to improve learning levels in Science, Math, and Social Science. Aligning with NEP 2020, DE is supporting the government schools in creating and strengthening systems that align with the aspirational goal of 21st-century skills, including SDG4.

Strengthening Digital Education

Digital Equalizer integrates technology, STEM Learning, and digital content in the teaching-learning process in government schools across the country through capacity building of teachers and educators. By creating a network of motivated educators, the program empowers the government schools to provide holistic student development with an equitable & inclusive education.

Sustaining STEM Ecosystems Transformation

Digital Equalizer is setting up Technical Support Units in State Councils for Education Research and Training (SCERTs) and Departments of Education (DoEs) of various states to create a long-term impact in STEM Education. The program has built strong knowledge & tech Partnerships for students' digital future & 21st Century skills.

Empowering Adolescent Girls to be Future-Ready

The program empowers girls with the skills to pursue higher education in STEM through activity-based learning. DE motivates adolescent girls to pursue a career in STEM through role model interactions, hands-on learning experiences, and career pathways. The program also sensitizes adolescent girls on good health & adequate nutrition practices, emotional well-being, and social & environmental education.

The DE Cumulative Impact

  • 7,252,965

    Children Empowered

    with Interactive STEM Experiences
  • 212,585

    Teachers Trained

    in STEM and Technology focussed pedagogy
  • 32,596

    Schools Transformed

    through innovative teaching learning practices

Our Contributors

Akshay Dalal & Shobha Dalal
Garimella Family
Raj Sharma
Satjiv Chahil Foundation

Akshay Dalal & Shobha Dalal

Digital Equalizer partnered with Akshay Dalal & Shobha Dalal in 2021. The project aims to strengthen STEM learning activities in the 03 targeted schools of Prantij in Sabarkatha district (Gujarat) and enable 557 students to enhance their learning skills by stimulating critical thinking through effective science teaching powered through technology.

Amazon Future Engineers

Digital Equalizer, in partnership with Amazon Future Engineers building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills in 375,000 students of 1029 schools across Delhi NCR, Karnataka, and Telangana. This project is empowering the students with future-ready skills through stimulating critical thinking and effective science teaching powered through technology.

American Tower Corporation

DE partnered with ATC STEM LABS in 2021. This three-year partnership aims to provide standardized digital content and integrate techno-pedagogy in the teaching-learning process in 55 government schools of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.


Digital Equalizer, in partnership with Atlassian, aims to reach 1 million students in grades 6th - 12th and 22,500 teachers across 4,500 schools in 6 states of India. (Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana, Odisha, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu).

Aurobindo Pharma Foundation

Digital Equalizer partnered with Aurobindo Pharma for Holistic School Development Program in 2021. The project is focused on the holistic development of 2000 students from 10 schools in Andhra Pradesh with an aim to improve the learning outcomes of the students by transforming the schools with digital infrastructure, teaching methodologies, and teacher trainings.


Digital Equalizer partnered with Avantor in 2021 to develop the scientific temperament and critical thinking of 3000 students by creating an enabling environment for children in schools. Implemented in 15 schools in Maharashtra, the project provides training to 48 teachers on STEM and 21st-century skills. It ensures that teachers use technology and project-based teaching in their regular classroom sessions.

Coca-Cola Foundation

Digital Equalizer partnered with Coca-Cola Foundation in 2017. Currently, the project is working on waste management and hygiene under SMS-MR (Support My School –
Mission Recycling) initiative in 5000 government secondary and senior secondary schools in 19 States and Union Territories of India. Reaching over 10,000,000 students of grade 6 to 12, SMS – MR focuses on cleanliness and recycling initiatives in government schools. It aims to create awareness on recycling among the students and the community.

Ernst & Young GDS

Digital Equalizer partnered with EY in 2022. The project aims to build scientific temperament in students, especially girls, through coding, life skills, career skills, and financial literacy. Breaking the gender stereotype and instituting equity, the project will build the self-confidence and resilience of young girls while supporting them with a pathway to 21st-century careers.

Extreme Networks

Garimella Family

Digital Equalizer Foundation (a group entity of the American India Foundation) with support from Garimella family, is implementing Digital Equalizer Foundation’s School Transformation Project at Government Girls High School, Bollaram, Secunderabad, Telangana in honor of their mother, Smt. Annapurna Garimella. The intervention for this program is for 3 years and it aims to transform the school by improving its digital infrastructure, enriching teaching methodologies leading to improved learning outcomes of the students.


Digital Equalizer in partnership with HCL Foundation is integrating the core curriculum with technology and introducing technical innovation in 20 schools in Madurai. The Project focuses on building computational thinking in students from grades 6 to 10 through Coding, Life Skills, Digital Literacy, and Financial Literacy. The project is empowering students with the 21st-century skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, design thinking, social & cross-cultural collaboration, and ethical leadership through innovative approaches, technology, and collaborative learning.


Digital Equalizer in partnership with HDFC Bank is improving learning outcomes of 5250 students by building capacity of 150 teachers in 50 schools of Maharashtra.

Hexaware Technologies Limited

Digital Equalizer in partnership with Hexaware Technologies Limited is reaching out to 33 schools in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Gujarat to provide access to technology by training 175 teachers to bridge learning gaps created due to the pandemic. The project is engaging 5913 students in advanced real-world STEM projects like Coding, and Space technology (Satellite, Drone, Rocket technology). It is creating an enabling learning environment, especially on STEM subjects, through innovative approaches, using technology, collaborative learning, and project-based learning.

Hindustan Gums and Chemicals Limited

Digital Equalizer in partnership with HGCL is improving learning outcomes of 12894 students in 90 government schools of Delhi NCR & Rajasthan through technology based learning and STEM education.


Digital Equalizer partnered with IBM's STEM for Girls India in 2019 to empower government school girls across Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand over 3 years. This project is empowering 800,000 young girls with quality education, digital fluency, coding skills, 21st-century skills, life skills, computational thinking, agency development, and other important skills essential for the modern lifestyle and workplace.

ICE Data Services

Digital Equalzier partnered with ICE Data Services in 2022 to empower students to make informed financial decisions now and in the future. Adding to their ability and agency to take control of their financial future, this project empowers them to design financial stability and hence build self-sufficiency. The project is supporting 6500 students in Grade 11-12 of 30 Junior Colleges in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana in understanding the importance of money, budgeting, and saving by setting up resource centres, organizing student workshops, and training teachers.

Larsen & Toubro

Digital Equalizer in partnership with L&T is strengthening teaching and learning activities through technology. The project aims to reach 18,431 students in 63 schools in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Larsen & Toubro - Hydrocarbons

Digital Equalizer in partnership with L&T Hydrocarbons is strengthening teaching and learning activities through technology for 2570 students in 10 schools of Gujarat.


DE partnered with Masha in with an aim of the intervention is to strengthen STEM learning activities in 3 schools of Patiala, Punjab, and enable 500 students to enhance the learning outcomes while stimulating critical thinking by effective science teaching powered through technology.


Digital Equalizer with the support of Mastercard is empowering and inspiring young girls from marginalized communities, transacting the G4Tech curriculum, and training the teachers. The goal is to empower and secure the future of young girls, by inspiring them to develop technology skills and pursue a career in STEM. The project is reaching 50000 students in Delhi NCR, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Maharashtra.



Digital Equalizer, in partnership with Oracle, established STEMPowering students in Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Quest Alliance

Digital Equalizer in partnership with Quest Alliance empowers girls and supports them pursue a career under STEM pathways, by inculcating coding, 21st-century life skills. The project impacts 14568 students in 211 schools across Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Raj Sharma

DE in partnership with Raj Sharma is transforming Thirthapathi Higher Secondary School, Ambasamudram holistically (infrastructure included) to strengthen the student’s attendance, enrolment, teaching and learning activities. The project is improving learning outcomes of 720 students.

Samvid Ventures

Digital Equalizer in partnership with Samvid Ventures is improving the learning outcomes of 15,300 students from Grade 6 to 10 in 86 schools in Gujarat through remediation, Digital Empowerment, STEM Labs, Teacher Training, and SMC Engagement.

Satjiv Chahil Foundation

Digital Equalizer, in partnership with Satjiv Chahil Foundation, is integrating technology in the teaching-learning process in 10 government schools in Punjab. The project is creating an enabling learning environment for 1200 students especially on STEM subjects through innovative approaches and using technology and project-based learning (including robotics).

Sterlite Tech Foundation

DE in partnership is Improving learning levels of 66,000 students in 200 schools in Maharashtra by building capacity of 1200 teachers.

Virchow Foundation

Digital Equalizer in partnership with Virchow Foundation is improving digital infrastructure of 5 schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by setting digital room with transforming the teaching methodologies and subsequently improving the learning outcomes of the 2000 students. The project focuses on holistic devalopment of the students and enables then in STEM , WASH, Financial literacy, and Life Skills.

Virchow Foundation

Digital Equalizer in partnership with Virchow Foundation is improving digital infrastructure of 5 schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by setting digital room with transforming the teaching methodologies and subsequently improving the learning outcomes of the 2000 students. The project focuses on holistic devalopment of the students and enables then in STEM , WASH, Financial literacy, and Life Skills.

Meet The Team

Amit G Koli

Baskaran Dheenadayalan

Gugapriyaa Ramu

Hardik Sonachhatra

Shanker Dayal Sharma

Shubham Priyadarshi

Sunil Kumar

Sanyukta Chaturvedi

Lt. Sanyukta Chaturvedi (Retd) is the Director for Digital Equalizer at AIF’s India country office in Gurgaon. She holds a B.E. (Elect) and PGDip. in Business Management. Prior to joining AIF in 2017, Sanyukta has, over the last two and a half decades, worked with Centum Learning, IL&FS Skills, IL&FS Education & Technology Services, and the Indian Navy.

Renuka Malaker

"Renuka Malaker is the Head of Operations for Digital Equalizer Program at AIF’s India country office in Gurgaon. An Alumni of Miranda House Delhi University she holds Honors degree in Philosophy and Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Multifaceted professional with 30 years of extensive work experience across sectors out of which 20 years has been in the social sector in the areas of fund raising, staff operations & organization building, stakeholder reporting and leadership development. Over the last two plus decades she has grown into a goal oriented and compassionate leader which helps deliver programmatic and organizational vision and mission.

Prior to joining AIF in 2022, she worked in senior leadership positions at Concern India Foundation, Joining Hands, CREA, Katha, Breakthrough and Multiple Sclerosis Society of India She is a director of 2 companies and is on the Board of Disease Management Association of India (DMAI) an organization conferred with ‘Special Consultative Status’ by the United Nations (ECOSOC). It works to promote & increase the awareness, education and practice of preventive & chronic disease management; and works with the policy makers for ensuring Accountable, Affordable and Accessible healthcare in India. She is a member of the High-level Committee under Ministry of Culture, Trustee of Netaji Subhash Bose INA Trust and is the grandniece of Subhash Chandra Bose."

Baskaran Dheenadayalan

D. Baskaran is Zonal Head – South, Digital Equalizer. He holds an M.Phil (Zoology) and is currently pursuing a PhD. Prior to joining AIF in 2010, he has worked with Educomp Solutions Limited.

Pratyush Das

Pratyush Das is Regional Manager, Digital Equalizer based in Delhi. He has an M.A. in Humanities, and a Certificate in Humanitarian Program Management from Melbourne University. Prior to joining AIF in 2018, he has worked for Coca-Cola India, World Vision International and World Vision India.

Shanker Dayal Sharma

Shanker Dayal Sharma is Regional Manager for Digital Equalizer in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, and Daman & Diu. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD) and a Certificate from IIM Udaipur/ DUKE University in ‘Future Leaders in Development’. Prior to joining AIF in 2016, he has worked for CL Educate Ltd and DSAG, Govt. of Gujarat.

Praharsh Pratik

Praharsh is a dynamic individual with over 16 years of experience behind him, of which he spent the starting years in the Indian Navy . He has worked in the Education sector at state, national and international level with organizations like UNICEF, Piramal Foundation & Sterlite Group. He comes with a strong passion and belief in quality education and has facilitated workshops and teacher training across many states. He holds certifications from UN in Field operation and finance as well as in Instructional design and Facilitation from Ajim Premji Foundation.


"A change catalyst with over five years of experience in social sector, Ganita is an avid reader and a passionate writer. A graduate in journalism from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, she has worked with various newspapers and NGOs. She loves storytelling.
Before AIF, she worked with Piramal Foundation as a Program Leader in Communications. She is also a Gandhi Fellow."

Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar is the Finance Officer in Digital Equalizer program in Delhi. He holds a Degree in IGNOU+GNIIT. Prior to joining AIF in 2013, he has worked for Shanti Devi charitable Trust and Bal Vikas Dhara.

Aaditya Chhetri

Aaditya comes from a background in technology and education, he aspires and is working towards spreading the usage of tech in the organisation and with beneficiaries. He has close to 8 years of experience working with stakeholders at program delivery, training, monitoring and content creation.

Shubham Priyadarshi

Shubham Priyadarshi is working at AIF as Finance Officer. He is a graduate in commerce and a CA finalist. He has 6 years of experience in Audit, Accounts & Finance. Before AIF he was working for V. Shankar & Aiyar Chartered Accountants, where he handled Statutory, Tax and Internal Audits of different entities.

Gugapriyaa Ramu

Guga Priyaa is working at American India Foundation as Project Lead – Tamil Nadu under the Digital Equalizer Program. She has been associated with AIF since 2016 and have been working in various capacities under the DE program She holds a Master’s in Social work from Stella Maris College and a bachelor’s in Sociology from MOP Vaishnav College. Prior to joining AIF, She had volunteered and worked closely with various NGOs like Make a Difference (MAD), Bhumi & Women’s Collective for over three years.

Jerin Jacob

Jerin Jacob is a Program Officer in the Digital Equalizer team. He holds a Masters in Social Work from Indore School of Social Work. Prior to joining AIF in 2019, he has worked for Bosch India Foundation, Smile Foundation and Extramarks Education Foundation.

Hardik Sonachhatra

Hardik Sonchhatra is a Program Associate at AIF’s office in Gujarat. He holds an MBA degree from Gujarat Technological University.

Praatibh Mishra

Praatibh is Project Lead – Uttarakhand under Digital Equalizer based at Dehradun office. He has more than 7 years of experience of working in the development sector with organizations such as Participatory Research in Asia, Piramal Foundation and Self Employed Womens’ Association(SEWA). He holds a degree in M.Phil Development Practice from Ambedkar University, Delhi.

Amit G Koli

Amit has 9 years of experience in the development sector. Prior to joining AIF, Amit has worked with Delhi Government's education team for 4 years and 1 year with SS&C Globeop Financial Services. Amit is a Teach For India fellow.

Shahnawaz Siddiqui

"Shahnawaz is an accomplished development professional, with 7 years of experience, having worked in different capacities, with rich experience in the field of education, climate change, entrepreneurship development, livelihood, grassroot mobilisation, tribal issues and research.

He has a masters degree in rural development from Ranchi University and PG Diploma in anti-human trafficking. Before AIF, he worked with Action Aid, Going to School, and Univ of Virginia/video volunteers."

News And Updates

OCT 06, 2022

Empowering Parents and Caregivers

Building an empowered, fearless, opinionated and future-ready next generation requires holistic development through sufficient opportunities for exploration and guidance from adults who are equipped and well-informed.

APRIL 27, 2022

Empowering students as creators, rather than just consumers of technology

The 21st century has seen an exponential growth of technological advancements globally. With new innovations for simplified learning, online teaching applications and platforms, young entrepreneurs designing unique solutions; science and technology have certainly made a major impact on our modern world.

APRIL 25, 2022

AIF and Desai Sethi Foundation join forces for DEEP-Shaala

DEEP-Shaala, a new initiative under AIF’s flagship program-Digital Equalizer (DE), has been approved by the Government of Gujarat! This ground-breaking project is a $3.9 Million partnership with the Desai Sethi Foundation d/b/a Samvid Ventures that aims to significantly enhance learning outcomes of 15,300 students over a period of four years by providing students and relevant teachers in 80 government schools with tablets.

AUG 02, 2021

Vigyan Jyoti - C-STEM Festival

Shreya, a class X student of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Jhansi, hails from the small town of Lalitpur near Jhansi. This young girl, only fifteen years of age, aspires to become a space scientist and considers the former president of India, late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam as her role model. To achieve this dream, she first wants to do engineering from an IIT.

MAR 16, 2022

Anita’s Story

A sleepy town in Barmer, known for its salt pans in the Thar desert is also a home to the STEM for Girls program in Rajasthan where 13-year-old Anita Kumari had just one goal – to study hard and help her mother, Teejo Devi. Having lost her father at a tender age, she realized the importance of supporting her mother – a homemaker.

MAR 08, 2022

International Women’s Day

Global markets and workspaces are increasingly demanding new-age skills and solution-providing mindsets. In fact, a report suggests that in the next decade, 80% of the jobs will need STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills.

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