Building Home: From New York to Khandar, Rajasthan

I had been waiting for what felt like months, but was actually just a little […]

Shades of Summer at the Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh

“Have you ever burnt your hand on a mango?” Although it was meant to be […]

A School’s Purpose and the Place for Alternative Education

A few weeks ago, as I sat down with community teachers to plan the field […]

A Tour of Khandar: Part 1

Ranthambore National Park is the highest grossing national park in India by revenue, and the […]

A Single White Football: How a Community Photography Workshop Encouraged the Emergence of Self and the Ownership of Narratives

In Transit Tales: A Guide for Creating Participatory Photography Projects with Migrants and Refugees, the author recounts […]

Rural Electrification in India: Problems, Progress, and the Power of Citizen’s Media

In September 2017, the Indian government launched the Saubhagya initiative, with the ambitious goal of […]

Waxing Philosophical: The What, How, and Why of Foreign Aid

Once upon a time, I started university with the very practical ambition of becoming a […]

Namza Spiti: Spring Gardening, Traditional Medicine, and Food Security in Ladakh

Spring has arrived in this land that was only recently barren, frozen, and gripped by […]

My Field Visit to an Indian Prison

Blood, adrenaline, and lots of coffee ran through my veins as I stood outside the […]

Sensitized Development: The Importance of Religion in the Indian Context

Student one: “Excuse me sir!” (giggles) “Uska saval hai!” Student two: [Points at her friend] […]

The Challenge of College Admissions in Rural India

Going into the AIF Clinton Fellowship, I knew that many of my preconceived notions would […]

“For the children, by the children and of the children”: Students Understanding Democracy

Ananya’s Fellowship is made possible by the Rural India Supporting Trust.  It is in the […]

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