Walking the fields at Jagori

Walking from one courtyard to another, to be welcomed by women who refuse to express […]

How Ultimate Frisbee Can Change the World

If you are like me, you may have heard of a sport called Ultimate Frisbee […]

JOHAR to all of you!

Adjusting to Life as an AIF Fellow

Coming to India When I accepted my position as a Banyan Impact Fellow through AIF, […]

Solving the Ultimate Equation: How to Make Math Fun for Elementary Learners

I’ve never liked math. And here’s the thing: I never imagined that one day I […]

Right Out of College, Right into the Field: Month 1

June 2022: I graduated college and completed a three-year degree in economics. In these three […]

Public Health in Kalahandi: A Brief Overview ‘Troubling Survival: Mounting Resistance’

For me, learning and unlearning are intrinsic aspects of the social development sector. If you […]

Rural Himachal against the world: A few thoughts

The Banyan Impact Fellowship has brought me to Jagori Rural, a feminist organization operating in […]

How to Interview in 5 Languages…

…When You Only Speak English: A Step By Step Guide.  Welcome to Life Circle Health […]

The Genetics of Inequality: Can Our Environments Biologically Shape Our Opportunities?

Puducherry, the quaint union territory nestled on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, is […]

Exploring a career switch to the development sector in my 20s

    At 15, in the midst of all the hullabaloo around picking a stream […]

Tracing Signs of Home

When I applied for the AIF (American India Foundation) fellowship this year, I arrived with […]

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