Finish line

It’s taking shape! Slowly but surely approaching the end of ground survey. Working 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, but now with a firm finish line in sight. It’s nerve-wracking, suddenly sharing with strangers something that you started working on 7 months ago, when it was just a concept. But this project is no vampire, and it was always meant to see the light of day. Aside from the possessiveness and the reluctance to let go of control, I feel liberated because little by little, it’s going out of my hands. This project will do what it’s meant to do (or maybe it won’t). But we’re doing our best, and we’re working hard, and we’re learning so much. I hope it shows.

Take a look at our teaser video of the Ward Quality Score. And follow the project and stay updated here!

Having spent half her life in India and the other half in the United States, Swathi gained a unique perspective on inequality that sparked her interest in understanding and combating poverty in its various forms. After six years of college at a stretch, Swathi is eager to balance the academic knowledge with practical experience in the field. She is looking forward to the rewards and challenges of rediscovering her drastically transformed hometown of Bangalore. Most recently, Swathi worked at the NGO Entreculturas in Madrid, Spain, to support education programs all over Africa, and to develop a global advocacy network on the right to education. She speaks four languages and is trying to decide on a fifth.

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