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Saath’s partnership with AIF has been a long one. It is a relationship that has been developed through periods of innovation, growth and change. We have been fortunate to have Fellows from AIF over the years to help develop different programs and support Saath with their skills. I have personally seen the impact a Fellow makes on a program and on the organization and vice-versa.

From research that is helping Saath advocate for a Public Health Utility in an under-developed area called Juhapura, to setting up an innovative space for youth known as the Livelihood Resource Center, Supporting the Urban Resource Centre designs and set up, designing a marketing strategy for Saath, and developing large proposals, business plans for programs that took Saath beyond its institutional field and help improve marketing for artisans. The power of a person who is focusing on a specific, mutually chosen task within the realm of the organizational vision and work is tremendous.

Fellows have come with rich experience from backgrounds of Finance, Management, Health, Marketing etc. and have used their skills and knowledge to develop the various programs. Beyond this they have become a part of Saath’s team, family and many relationships have continued and grown through the years.  Some have come back to join hands with Saath in a professional capacity as well.

And in response to this relationship, Saath through the years has opened its heart, doors and created transparent, flexible and free work spaces with a healthy dose of reality through community interactions and field based workers guiding and supporting all the programs with the Fellow.

We are lucky once again, the AIF Clinton Fellow, Sabina Dewan, Founder of Just Jobs USA, this year has already brought in much energy, experience and a network that is vast. We are excited to work with her to change the landscape of youth, livelihoods and aspirations in India.

By Keren Nazareth

Keren’s career spans experiences with grassroot level NGOs such as Thalassemia Jagruti Foundation, Animal Help Foundation, and Institute for Studies and Transformations. As well as with the Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad in the Youth programmes and currently Saath Charitable Trust, Ahmedabad.

Her position as the Coordinator of the Research and Documentation Cell included facilitating and carrying out research studies, extensive programme documentation, networking with external agencies and individuals, internal and external training on documentation, facilitating internships for students and professionals (from India and abroad). She currently is the Co-Director of Saath and is working with the Youth Employability Program, Youth Groups, Rural projects and focusing on strategic resource mobilisation for the organisation. 

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