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Be the change that impacts millions of lives in India.

Every contribution from you helps disadvantaged children stay in school and realize their dreams, empowers the disabled to lead a life of dignity, provides sustainable employment opportunities to the poor, and saves the lives of newborn children and their mothers.

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By donating stocks, you can enjoy two types of tax savings. You will not only avoid paying capital gains taxes, but you will also receive a full deduction for the value of your gift. Start saving on taxes now by making a stock donation!

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Through our LAMP—Learning And Migration Program—and DE—Digital Equalizer—programs, we aim to provide a consistent and challenging education system to migrant children and bridge the educational and digital divide by ensuring that both teachers and students are equipped with practical digital literacy skills to enhance their in-classroom and out-of-school learning.

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AIF’s livelihood programs provide rural youth, marginalized labor in urban centers, and the disabled, earning opportunities by empowering them through work skills training, finance, and operational support for micro and nano entrepreneurs. The programs also provide platforms for job seekers to connect with corporates, as well as mentorship to help sustain livelihoods in the future.

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Public Health

AIF’s MANSI—Maternal and Newborn Survival Initiative—ensures new mothers and infants have the care they need to prepare for, survive, and thrive during and after pregnancy by providing preventative and curative care from individual households to government health facilities.

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