Happenings of the Past Few Weeks

1) Found an amazing ice cream parlor that has flavors like “Dried Fruit” and “Sweet Pan” (an Indian flavor). I am very concerned about my waistline.

2) A teenage girl showed up at the office. She had been brought to India from another country under the pretense that she would be given a job, but instead was forced into sex work. She was sold (yes, sold) from one gang to another, and eventually moved down to Madurai. She managed to escape, and showed up at People’s Watch seeking help.

3) Cooked dahl that I was not ashamed to share with other people. I am quite proud.

4) Applied to jobs in NYC, Tanzania, Slovakia, and South Africa. Fingers crossed!

5) Went to a pool party at a hotel that will let you use their pool all day for $4. #maduraibreakthrough

6) Got an A/C installed in my bedroom. Good thing too, because come April/May, the temperature will remain in the 100’s (even at night).

7) Became Facebook friends with my favorite auto driver.

8) Attended a meditation course in Haridwar; chanted 16 hours a day for 6 days. I’m still recovering.

9) Began writing a report on atrocities committed by the police while they were trying to apprehend a notorious South Indian smuggler in the 90s. When a criminal will kill you if you don’t help him, and the police will torture you if you do, what are the villagers supposed to do?

10) Got a fever and ended up in the hospital; learned that when you have to ask, “Should I go to the hospital?” the answer is always yes.

11) Had to explain to five different employees of a clothing shop that my blue eyes were not the result of colored contact lenses. “Yes, really, I was born this way.”

For as long he can remember, Brian has wanted to make the world a better place. This led him to become a Math teacher, a yoga teacher, and a Peace Corps Volunteer. While teaching Math and Physics at a small village high school in rural Kenya, he picked up Swahili, started a chess club, and discovered his true passion‰ÛÓhuman rights and international development. Upon returning to the U.S., Brian pursued a law degree and spent three years studying international law and human rights. Having seen the power of education to transform lives, he also raised money to send his former Kenyan students to college. Since graduating from Penn Law School in 2010, Brian has been clerking in the Superior Court of Vermont, researching legal issues for judges in the Criminal, Civil, and Family Courts. He is excited to work in the field of human rights in India, a country that has long fascinated him.

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